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Zenerx for Men

Zenerx for Men

Customer Reviews

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As low as $35.97 per month

Effectiveness: 4.55 / 5
Consumer Reviews: 4.5 / 5
Quality of Ingredients: 5 / 5
Cost: $35.97
Money-Back Guarantee: 90 days
Overall Rating: 5 / 5

Bottom Line

Among all products,  Zenerx seems to be an honest product that delivers honest results. This pill contains all recommended ingredients for male enhancement. Zenerx appears to be the safest choice out of all male enhancers. Many customers have rated this product as their # 1 choice to improve their erection quality, erection width, enhance their sexual health & sexual power, build nitric oxide as well as help men achieve frequent erections.


Men who have used Zenerx experienced great results often within the first month of trying it. Many users have even reported long-lasting effects after using the product for more than one month.

Consumer satisfaction

Men who’ve tried Zenerx are very satisfied with the product and report remarkable results after trying it for the first time.

“I have tried every product on planet earth and NONE of them even comes close to Zenerx… You have a real winner with your product. I’ll be a life time customer! Hard sure beats rubber soft!” says D.L.

Quality of ingredients

Zenerx contains all five ingredients recommended for male enhancement. The quality basically speaks for itself.


A month’s supply of Zenerx can cost as low as $29.99. The manufacturer also offers many special promotions if you order more bottles of Zenerx. There are some that may find this a bit on the expensive side but the price is fair considering product quality and satisfaction from customers.

Money-back guarantee

Zenerx offers a 90 day money-back guarantee and the terms are clearly stated on the company website. This is the best guarantee policy of all the male enhancement products we’ve reviewed. A lot of the other products offer a 60 day or a one month guarantee.

Final thoughts

So far, Zenerx outperforms the competition when it comes to male enhancement. The product has an excellent money-back guarantee, the quality is better than most enhancement products, customer satisfaction ranked the highest and the cost is fairly reasonable. If we had to choose among the countless products on the market Zenerx would be the top choice.

Consumer Reviews

positive review

Received my order yesterday – that was fast service. Took two capsules last night with dinner and had good results this morning. Thanks for what seems to be a good product with no side effects.

— A.B.
positive review

Thank you for this product, I heard about it from a friend and he told me that it greatly enhanced his life. You are integral to society and help so many people. God Bless you.

— M.A.
positive review

Don’t know about results yet, but I recieved my product within 2 days of ordering just as I was told. I have started taking 2 pills now. Just want to let everyone know you do recieve product as promised. Thank You. ps I will update soon…

— Marvin
positive review

Real thing, works as said. I’m 51 and was slowing down. tried scripts, very bad side effects. plus still had low sex drive. Zenerx, was a God sent,I have my sex life back, and more. only week 2. Also feel much better, even mood wise. I will be a long time user. Add, says great for 50-60 year olds their right on the money… with that claim, I was not ready to except, hit and miss sex. Thanks Zenerx, Larry

— larry
positive review

Lookig forward in trying product

— wesley cook
positive review

Awesome,Awesome, Product. She’ll Thank You !

— Jay Page

I have used it and it does work. The only downside is the cost. I ran out awhile ago and just reordered. Seemed to have helped with prostate too. It actually made me feel better. it the morning I was ready to go. Thanks for this product.

— Larry

Read the review on this site and ordered a 30 day supply. Though I didn’t take every day, I took 2 pills about 3 days a week and really didn’t notice any affect at all. Several times I took 2 of them 1 hour before activity and didn’t notice anything unusual. However, as with all herbal and other supplements, results vary. Willing to give them another try though, however I will take them daily as recommended this time.

— Jack

I have been taking it for three months and it has helped me. Make sure you have a good diet and exercise. There is no magic pill for that.

— Jason

you will need to take larger amounts to go bigger. six per day , after 1 month i am bigger. pete.

— peter

This is not a miracle drug, but it is very effective if used over time as directed I am very satisfied with Zenerex.

— HB

I have been using Zenerx for a short time and it seems my balls are larger and fuller although I’ve not noticed any increase in penis size yet. I’m on my first bottle.

— Raymond Gordon

went from 3″ to 5″!!!

— trevor boerem

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