Tuesday, October 25, 2016

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Stiff Nights

Stiff Nights

Customer Reviews

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As low as $29.95 per month

Effectiveness: 4.5 / 5
Consumer Reviews: 4.5 / 5
Quality of Ingredients: 2 / 5
Cost: $29.95
Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
Overall Rating: 3 / 5

Bottom Line

Stiff Nights is a new product in the market that claims to give you rock-hard erections and improve your sexual performance resulting in the ability to have sex for hours. Stiff Nights does not have most of the standard ingredients. Because most of the ingredients are unfamiliar it is unknown how this formula is supposed to work.


Customers who’ve tried Stiff Nights reported good results in a short period of time.   Though there is very little feedback because of the product’s infancy, results look encouraging.

Consumer satisfaction

Men who’ve tried Stiff Nights seemed pleased with the product, but again this might be due to the fact that it is a newcomer to the male enhancement market.

Quality of ingredients

Stiff Nights contains two of five highly recommended ingredients for male enhancement which are L-Arginine and Togkat Ali.  The other ingredients in Stiff Nights are made up of mushrooms, greens and herbs but it is unknown whether they are effective for male enhancement.  Stiff Nights does not have most of the common ingredients that most male enhancement products use.


A package of Stiff Nights costs $29.95.  There are six doses in one package.  The website states that one dose a day is recommended however the website also states that one dose lasts for 48 hours.  This is confusing because we aren’t sure if this means you need to take one pill a day or one pill every other day.  In any case this seems quite expensive if you order a month’s supply of the product.

Money-back guarantee

Stiff Nights offers a 30 day money back guarantee.  This is a short guarantee period compared to others.  The product also offers a free trial period however the conditions of the free trial appear complicated, lengthy and confusing.

Final thoughts

Stiff Nights appears to be a competitive product when it comes to male enhancement.  So far, customers seem to like the product and results seem to be positive.  A downside to Stiff Nights is the limited quantity (6 pills) for the $29.99 price tag.

Consumer Reviews

positive review

very good product. i have not had a problem with it yet although i have not tried it while drinking alcholic bev. and it is a little pricey for blue collar folk. more quanity, same quality, and same price would make this product number #1 for everybody!!!!!!!

— michael

Tried this product for 30 days and it had no effectiveness. I suffer from ED and was hoping this product would help me but it didn’t. My doctor suggested I lose 30lbs as I am overweight and that contributes to ED. Thought this could be a quick fix, guess not.

— Mickey Kennedy

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