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Male Enhancers



Customer Reviews Positive (#) Neutral (#) Negative (#) As low as Unknown per month Effectiveness: 2.5 / 5 Consumer Reviews: 2.5 / 5 Quality of Ingredients: 2.5 / 5 Cost: unknown Money-Back Guarantee: unknown Overall Rating: 2 / 5 Bottom Line Tentigo is a male enhancement supplement containing an all-natural 100% formula. This is designed […]

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Customer Reviews Positive (#) Neutral (#) Negative (#) As low as $22.99 per month Effectiveness: 3 / 5 Consumer Reviews: 3 / 5 Quality of Ingredients: 3 / 5 Cost: $22.99 Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days Overall Rating: 3 / 5 Bottom Line Leyzene is a dietary enhancement pill designed and packaged to give users instant […]

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Customer Reviews Positive (#) Neutral (#) Negative (#) As low as $44.99 per month Effectiveness: 3.5 / 5 Consumer Reviews: 3.5 / 5 Quality of Ingredients: 3.5 / 5 Cost: $44.99 Money-Back Guarantee: 90 days Overall Rating: 3.5 / 5 Bottom Line Health and safety is essential whenever a new product is introduced to consumers […]

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BOTTOM LINE Zyrexin is made in the U.S. by Superbalife International, a well established nutraceutical manufacturer. According to the product website, Zyrexin has been formulated to work within 35 minutes and whose effects are claimed to last up to 24 hours. Unfortunately Superbalife International actually provides very little product information about Zyrexin; there is no […]

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BOTTOM LINE Xanogen is made in the United States by Applied Sciences Labs, makers of all natural, herbal sexual health and wellness products. Unfortunately this company employs some questionable marketing strategies to promote Xanogen; the product website begins by suggesting ‘Every man has the potential to be a porn star in the bedroom. Every man […]

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BOTTOM LINE size-thumbnail wp-image-710″ /> This product is made in the U.S. apparently by a company of the same name,, about which we found no details despite a fairly informative product website, according to which it claims Viagrow will enhance sexual desire, help men produce and sustain firm, full erections, increase sexual stamina and […]

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Virility Ex

BOTTOM LINE Virility Ex is made in the United States, apparently by a company of the same name,, about which we found very few details despite an informative product website for Virility Ex. According to the site, this product was designed to be used with what the manufacturer calls ‘an incredible size altering exercise […]

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BOTTOM LINE TRIVEREX™ is a product which claims to offer ‘triple action’ treatment for erectile dysfunction by enhancing sexual desire, increasing erectile blood flow and bolstering sexual stamina and performance. Although the extensive product website states that TRIVEREX™ has undergone 7 human clinical trials, it provides no documented evidence from any of them whose research […]

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Progene Daily Complex

BOTTOM LINE Progene Daily Complex® is a product whose extensive website claims will counter the effects of the natural and gradual loss of testosterone production as men reach middle age, a condition known as Andropause, which is a much different ailment from erectile dysfunction, which is the inability to achieve and maintain a firm, lasting […]

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BOTTOM LINE Longinexx is made in the United Kingdom by Dartford Kent Laboratories which also makes another male enhancement product called Vasotrexx. Unfortunately, according to the Longinexx product website this is another male enhancement product which falsely claims it can increase penile size, with the website repeatedly stating Longinexx will offer most men a dramatic […]

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