Saturday, October 22, 2016

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Almost no one is satisfied with the size and shape of their penis. Most men wish it was bigger or had more girth and are willing to do almost anything to get it, up to and including getting surgery.

Surgery is a bit extreme which is why some men prefer a less permanent method such as ‘jelqing.’ Jelqing is an exercise that increases the blood flow to the penis and, over time, increases its size. There is currently no scientific evidence that proves the exercise works but because it is free and relatively non-invasive many men have tried it with various amounts of success.

The act of jelqing is simple. Start by placing a warm wet cloth on your genitals. Once the cloth has become cold take it off and use your index finger and thumb and wrap them around the base of your penis. Then slowly pull them away from your body. According to sources you should feel some tingling and a slight discoloration. If you feel pain, stop immediately.

Sheldon Marks, a doctor said this on WebMD (

“Many people that do this claim it does (increase the size of your penis) but I have never seen any real proof that it changes penile size. I suspect it is kind of “if I want to believe it enough, it will become true.” The penis is a fairly fixed organ size-wise, with about half to 1/3 internal. It is not like many other tissues or organs where you can increase size by exercise or stretching.”

According to some jelqing has been used by tribes for thousands of years. There is no proof of this at the moment and this seems to only be backed up with anecdotal evidence. The only penile enlargement known to have been done for thousands of years is the use of weights.

Jelqing itself is not 100% safe and can even cause permanent damage to the penis. According to Dr. J Singh (

“Jelqing may often cause injury to the penis or nerve compression which may cause such symptoms (as impotence) and hence is not advocated. Stop jelqing and avoid masturbation for some days and eat a healthy diet and some vitamin B 12 supplements. There are many methods of penis enlargement available. There is no scientific proof that these methods are without any side effects or useful.”

We at Male-Enhancement recommend you look at the science behind any penis enlargement systems you may come across. Anecdotal evidence in the form of personal stories is not a replacement for clinical trials and research.

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